IDX Overview

IDX (Internet Data eXchange) Program

What is it?

IDX is a program allowing MLS Participants (Broker Owners) to give each company participating in the program permission to display each other’s listings on the broker's company website(s) (subject to the rules of UNYREIS and NYSAMLS's).  All Broker Owners who are MLS participants automatically become IDX participants and their listings are included in the UNYREIS IDX database.  A participant may ‘Opt Out’ to not allow their listings to be included in the IDX database, but they lose the benefit of displaying IDX listings on their company website if they do so.

What does it cost?

UNYREIS does not charge a fee for any portion of the IDX program.

How do I get started?


Broker Owners have two options for participating in the IDX program.  You may request a raw data feed from CoreLogic via the RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard) server or you may use the IDX Property Search Link that is available via Matrix.

  1. RETS - The RETS server provides real-time access to the listings in the IDX program.  You or your web developer may download raw listing data in ASCII or XML format, which you can then format for your company website.  This requires a significant amount of knowledge and effort to create.  If you or your developer are not familiar with RETS, there is a tremendous amount of information at

    To apply for a RETS data feed, please fill out the following form, including your vendor if applicable and return to
    NYSAMLS Participant Data Access Agreement (rev 11/2016)
  • On the Signature pages of Participant Data Access Agreement:
    • MLS is to be completed by GRAR for UNYREIS. This is the last section to be completed. This section will be signed after all other signatures/required fields are complete.
    • Consultant is vendor or web host/developer - Please include name of the RETS Connection Software, the Password associated with that software and the User Agent associated with that software. We cannot set this up without this information.  
    • Firm is Designated REALTORS®. IDX is a Broker/Owner program. DR® must approve BEFORE submitting to GRAR.
    • Salesperson is member (if applicable).
  • When we receive the forms, we will send you an introductory message and some helpful documents, including the NYSAMLS's Broker-Vendor Resource Guide (see below).  We will also create an IDX access account and send you the login credentials (this may take up to 2 business days).
         2. IDX via Matrix-The IDX option in Matrix allows you to create an iFrame link for your website to allow your clients to search from the MLS. This option is for those who have a website where they can edit the content and web pages. If you do not have a website, check out the Agent Web Page option. It gives you the functionality of a website without having to develop one. See IDX Web Search and Webpages-updated 9/28/16 to get started.


Agents also have two options for displaying IDX listings on their web pages.  While they may not request a data feed directly from UNYREIS, an agent may request that their broker provide a raw data via a RETS feed (see above) to them so they may develop a custom IDX page. All agent implementations should be coordinated with your broker, UNYREIS does not provide agent level support, as the IDX program is a Broker-Owner program per NAR mandate.

Additionally, agents may also use the Agent Webpage or IDX features of Matrix.  See IDX Web Search and Webpages-updated 9/28/16 to get started.

Questions?  GRAR Member Services for assistance.

*Important Note: GRAR does not provide technical or user support for RETS. If you feel that there is missing data or the process is not updating, please contact Otherwise, please refer to the resource documents provided below.


Vendors (that we know of) presently working with GRAR/UNYREIS members: