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IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS PRIVACY POLICY, DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE. (this "Site") is the website of the Greater Rochester Association of REALTORS® ("GRAR") and its information partner, Upstate New York Real Estate Information Services ("UNYREIS").  Our postal address is 3445 Winton Place, Suite 104, Rochester, NY 14623.  We can be reached during regular business hours Monday through Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; Friday 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST.  For purposes of this Privacy Policy, "us, we and our" refers to GRAR and UNYREIS, and "you and your" refers to you, the user of this Site.

General.  This Site is meant for the private use of the general public and for members of GRAR.  We currently collect data on what pages our visitors access in order to measure site usage, including number of visits, page views, average time spent on this Site, and typical patterns of visitation.  We use this information to improve the content of our site.  We may also use this data to sell Web advertising based on these measurements, and to provide our advertisers with specific use measurement data.

In addition, we collect data via online forms and surveys for the purpose of inviting feedback from our visitors, attracting new visitors, and for entry into various contests, promotions, and interactive opportunities.  We do not sell, distribute, or permit access by third-parties to any specific user information compiled via  Unless otherwise stated or required, personal information and personal identifiers provided to us by visitors to this Site (i.e., names, home addresses, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers) are not sold, distributed, or in any way permitted to be accessed by the general membership of GRAR or third-parties.  We may survey visitors for contact information, unique identifiers and demographic information.  You are never required to answer these questions.  The information you submit may be used for analyzing overall site demographics, site usage data, user preferences and tastes, and similar purposes.  We may disclose this data to third-parties in an aggregated form (e.g., summary reports to advertisers).

Accurate Information.  We do not require that you provide us with any information as a condition of use of this Site.  Of course, you may be required to provide information in order to participate in certain promotions or services.  You warrant that all information that is supplied by you in using this Site is true and accurate.

About Cookies.  When you make selections or set preferences on this Site, we may send a request to your web browser to record certain of your selections in a “cookie” file.  The cookie is a small text file that resides on your hard drive.  From time-to-time, this Site may request the cookie from your browser so that we can retrieve the stored information and you do not have to make the same selections repeatedly.  Please note that with most browsers, a user can set the preferences to show a warning each time a cookie request is received.  You can also usually set the browser not to accept cookies at all.  At times, some of the third-party advertisers on this Site may also set cookies.

Services, Contests, and Surveys.  If you wish to use certain services or enter a contest or promotion, we may require that you submit a limited amount of personally identifiable data such as contact information.  We may also ask you questions related to your preferences, age, and/or background.  Certain questions may be required to be answered in order to participate.  The information you submit may be used to analyze site demographics, user preferences, and for similar purposes.  We reserve the right to share this data with third-parties in aggregate form only (as in summary reports to advertisers) and never in the form of personally identifiable information.

Legal Ability.  If you are under eighteen years old or mentally incompetent, you must get permission from your parent(s) or guardian(s) before sending any information about yourself (e.g., your name, email address, and phone number) over the Internet.  We reserve the right to refuse anyone (including those under eighteen years of age) from registering in any fashion or for any purpose with

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