GRAR advocates on a grass-roots hometown level on behalf of our members and all property owners to foster a sound and dynamic local real estate market that creates a vibrant community in which we live and work.

The Greater Rochester Association of REALTORS® renews its pledge to help our families, friends and neighbors pursue the American Dream of home ownership, and we will fight against obstacles that make it more difficult for every member of our community to buy, own and invest in real estate. GRAR has a strong advocacy group, an annual lobby day trip and a local legislative liaison program. We also have strong industry partner relationships that enhance our advocacy, community building and economic development efforts (Home Builders, Mortgage Bankers, Downtown Development Corp, NYSCAR, WCR, Rochester Design Center, Landmark Society, Greater Rochester Enterprise, etc.)

Local, State and Federal Issues

Facebook "Town Hall" tool

Facebook “Town Hall” tool helps you locate and connect with your elected officials.
How to get started:
1. Desktop users should go to
2. App users should go to the “Town Hall” tab
You can now follow, message, and call your representatives right from Facebook.

Monroe County Vacant & Abandoned Property Task Force

GRAR is proud to be involved with the Monroe County Vacant & Abandoned Property Task Force. This Task Force is an effort by a broad range of organizations, hoping that by combining our efforts we can implement solutions to prevent homes from becoming vacant, quickly deal with the ones that do, and rehabilitate the homes that have deteriorated. Our CEO, Jim Yockel, is an active member of the Task Force, along with our partners at the Rochester Home Builders and Mortgage Bankers Associations. Click here to see the full report of the Task Force, or visit the task force website  for more information.

If you would like to get involved, or have comments, concerns or suggestions about the process, please reach out to the Task Force at

Local Government


The GRAR Industry Advocacy Committee is asking all Members who hold any type of local governmental office or position (Or are considering running for elected office) to please let us know! As part of our grassroots level relationship building effort, we would like to be able to share information of any issues/concerns relating to home ownership and the real estate industry with the aim of advancing support on County and State levels. Please contact Karen Herbst at 585.341.2123 and let her know what position you hold in which municipality. Your response is greatly appreciated!

If you are aware of a new law, ordinance or resolution being proposed in your local municipality that may be a hindrance on real property owners’ rights or impede your ability to represent your clients in a real estate transaction, please contact GRAR and together we will make sure the REALTOR® Voice is heard!


RPAC is the REALTORS® Political Action Committee.  Every REALTOR® is asked to make a voluntary contribution when paying their local Board, NYSAR and NAR dues.  Funds raised through RPAC are used to support candidates who are sympathetic to real estate related issues and toward supporting or opposing issues that impact REALTORS®, property owners, renters and taxpayers alike.  For more information, visit and join the RPAC of New York Facebook group.

Make a Choice, Make a Difference!


Thank you all for the support toward our shared RPAC goals! RPAC works tirelessly to protect your interests

RPAC works to elect lawmakers who support REALTOR® business interests. While you were working with clients and customers, RPAC played an important role in electing lawmakers that successfully shaped legislation important to REALTORS® such as:

There’s no other organization that represents your interests and your livelihood as a REALTOR®. Now more than ever, REALTORS® must keep RPAC working to protect your interests. REALTORS® must stand up for their business interests. Nobody else will do it for you!For more details, click on the links below:

Contributions are not deductible for income tax purposes. Contributions to RPAC are voluntary and are used for political purposes. You may contribute more or less than the suggested amount. You may refuse to contribute without reprisal and the National Association of REALTORS, the New York State Association of REALTORS or any of its local boards or associations will not favor or disfavor any member because of the amount contributed. 70% of each contribution is used by your state PAC to support state and local political candidates. Until your NYSAR PAC reaches its PAC goal, 30% is sent to National RPAC to support federal candidates and is charged against your limits under 2 U.S.C. 441a; after NYSAR PAC reaches its RPAC goal, it may elect to retain your entire contribution for use in supporting state and local candidates.


We are the REALTOR® Party: An energized movement of real estate professionals fighting to keep the dream of home ownership alive for this country.

Now more than ever, it is critical for REALTORS® across America to come together and speak with one voice about the stability a sound and dynamic real estate market brings to our communities. From city hall to the state house to the U.S. Capitol, our elected officials are making decisions that have a huge impact on the bottom line of REALTORS® and their customers. Through the support of REALTORS® like you, the REALTOR® Party represents your interests.

It is all about REALTORS® working together to VOTE, ACT and INVEST to protect the Dream of Home Ownership, to build vibrant communities, and to promote a strong U.S. economy.

There are five goals of the REALTOR® Party:

 Learn more about the REALTOR® Party

Make Your Voice Heard

Register To Vote

One of the most important ways to further the REALTOR® agenda is to vote. Are you registered to vote? If not, it’s easy to do so. Click on the image below, print out the registration form, fill it out, and mail it in, it’s that simple. To find your polling place, voter registration info and elected officials


Qualifications to Register to Vote

  • be a United States citizen;
  • be 18 years old by December 31 of the year in which you file this form
    (note: you must be 18 years old by the date of the general, primary
    or other election in which you want to vote);
  • live at your present address at least 30 days before an election;
  • not be in jail or on parole for a felony conviction and;
  • not claim the right to vote elsewhere.

Calls for Action

When Congress is considering legislation that affects the real estate industry, NAR calls on its members to act. Simply by contacting your Member of Congress through an e-mail or a phone call, you can ensure that your business remains strong. NAR members join together and speak with one loud, powerful voice.

Coalitions & Advocacy Partners

GRAR believes that partnerships are important in building a better real estate community.

That’s why we are actively engaged in partnerships and coalitions that allow us to be the Voice of Real Estate in our region.