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MLS Rules & Policies

These policies apply to the UNYREIS Multiple Listing Service (MLS database and

Red text indicates new or updated language:

Duplicate listings: Please add the second listing to Matrix and then immediately send an email with both listing numbers to We will create an invoice that references both listing numbers, and then you can pay the fee right in your portal.

Delayed Showing and Negotiation
: Provide the completed form as an attachment to the listing at the same time the listing is entered into the MLS; Include the date(s) upon which showings and negotiations, and/or negotiations begin in the Private and Public Remarks sections of the listing.
Note if you are delaying showings, then you must also delay negotiations.

Comp Only Listings: Reporting Non-MLS Sales for Comparable Purposes Only (Comp Only) is allowed within 30 days of closing, however, only MLS staff may finalize the status as Sold in the MLS.

Clear Cooperation Rule – Effective January 2020 – Learn More

Listing Status Tips

The following information will help to keep you in line with the MLS rules.

What Does C Status Mean?

If seller has accepted an offer with contingencies, but would like to continue showings, the listing should be changed to “C-Contract Exists, Continue to Show” status except if the contingency is that of a property to sell. In this case, the listings may stay in Active status and must be identified in the Showing Instructions as “Contingent upon sale of a property.”

  • C status listings are an “On Market” status. They will show on most public websites such as,,, etc. This status represents that the property is available to be shown, a contract exists, both parties have signed, and contingencies are yet to be fulfilled.

What Does U or P Status Mean?

If seller has accepted an offer with contingencies, but will not continue showings, use listing status U or P. Listings in these statuses are considered “Off Market” and not to be shown.

  • U status (Under Contract) — Property is NOT to be shown, contract exists, both parties have signed, waiting for contingencies to be fulfilled.
  • P status (Pending Sale) — Contract exists, all contingencies met except financing, waiting for closing.

What Does W Status Mean?

The property is no longer on the market and cannot be listed by another broker until the expiration date. This means there is still a contract on property.

  • A Withdrawn status listing cannot be relisted by another broker. Duplicate listings should not be entered in the MLS as Active when there is a Withdrawn listing in the MLS for the same property. By listing the property, the seller may now be liable for two commissions. There are reasons that properties are withdrawn rather than expired, and the contract needs to be terminated (Expired) before it can be relisted with another broker. Educate your seller and always search the database prior to entering a new listing. This will ensure that a listing is not a duplicate. This is an MLS rule and is fineable!

Status Changes - How to handle

Net Sales / Admin Fees

We hear many complaints that this information is shared very late in the process. Here are some helpful tips.

  • This information needs be disclosed in advance of submitting an offer. Not disclosing this may potentially turn into an Ethics violation.
  • A good place to disclose net sales is in the Private Remarks since this section is reserved for information to be shared with other
    MLS Participants.
  • The same is true with regard to disclosing any associated Bank/Admin fees for Bank and REO properties. This, too, should be
    disclosed to MLS Participants via the MLS Private Remarks.
  • The Public Remarks is not an appropriate section for this type of disclosure.

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