GRAR logo with text that says "Community Engagement and Fair Housing"

Commitment To Community

REALTORS® have always been co-creators of community. Our members are more than real estate professionals, they are neighbors, volunteers, coaches, and local officials. We are invested in the health and vibrancy of our community in the Greater Rochester Region. We believe that quality affordable housing, accessible infrastructure, transportation, and green spaces lead to dynamic and appreciating real estate markets. As an association, we are committed to inclusive community development and will leverage our resources as an active partner in place-making.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

The Greater Rochester Association of REALTORS® is committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within our staff, across our membership, and in our community. As an association, we value integrity; GRAR recognizes the historic harm caused by discriminatory policies and practices of government and real estate. We affirm our responsibility to provide excellent service to real estate professionals and participate in the co-creation of an equitable community. As an innovative leader in our industry, we believe we are at our best when all can fully participate, not despite our differences, but in celebration of them.     

Fair Housing

Federal, state, and local fair housing laws are necessary anti-discrimination protections that codify the principle of equal opportunity for all. The right to own, use and transfer private property is fundamental; however, this right is not equally enjoyed. Current fair housing laws are the legacy of an ongoing civil rights movement to expand rights and their protections to all members of society. The laws alone do not guarantee equal opportunity, it is the responsibility of every REALTOR® to uphold the law and offer equal professional service. Fair Housing is a top priority for the association, and we strive to cultivate a culture of awareness and accountability.

Fair Housing & Diversity Committee

Fair Finance Task Force


GRAR 2021 Fair Housing Survey Report Cover

GRAR conducted a Fair Housing Survey of its members in 2021. Click the icon to view a summary of the survey results.

Beyond The Law

Fair housing laws are protections designed to prevent and redress discrimination in housing. One of the challenges of fair housing is that equal treatment is insufficient to achieve equitable outcomes. To fulfill the spirit of the law, additional action is necessary. The Greater Rochester Association of REALTORS® is committed to advancing equitable opportunities in real estate for professionals, consumers, and our community

GRAR Educational Resources

GRAR Caucuses

GRAR Black Caucus

Photo of the members of the GRAR Black Caucus

The GRAR Black Caucus honors the legacy of Howard Coles, a Rochester civil rights leader who resigned from the Rochester Real Estate Board in protest of exclusionary policies and practices.

Learn More About GRAR Caucuses

To learn more about GRAR Caucuses, as well as Committees and Task Forces, visit the “GET INVOLVED” page.

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Complete the Caucus Intake Form if you would like to join a GRAR Causcus.

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NAR Resources

Community Partners

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