What is Realist and How Do I Get There?

Realist logoThis public records service offers features such as advanced searching, mapping, and marketing analysis capabilities which give you the tools needed to help achieve your sales and marketing goals. Export real estate data for contact management applications, marketing lists and mailing labels.

To Get there:

1. In Matrix, from any listing detail report, click on the RE icon.

2. From the Member Home Base, Click on the Realist icon

3. Use the Realist Mobile App. See below for how to access. Must be set up in Realist via PC first time.

Realist Mobile App

Want to access the Realist Mobile app from your Android or iPhone?

To get started, you must first log into Realist and register (then create a password) or the app won’t work. To register, access Realist on your desktop/PC and click the “Realist Mobile” link in the upper right corner of the screen.

Realist & Pop-up Blockers

If you have a pop-up blocker or several pop-up blockers enabled, you will need to turn them off or allow pop-ups from Realist to run properly.  This includes any add-on toolbars (e.g., Google, Yahoo, etc.) that you may or may not realize you have running.

To allow Pop-Ups from Realist, in Internet Explorer, go to:

  • Tools/Pop-Up Blocker/Pop-up blocker Settings (if you cannot select pop-up blocker settings, your pop-ups are likely not being blocked from within Internet Explorer and you need to check your other toolbars (e.g. Google, Yahoo, etc.).
  • To find out what toolbars are running, click on View and then Toolbars. Look for Google, Yahoo and or any other browsers that you may have installed a toolbar for.

Whatever the toolbar, under address of website to allow, add: and then close.

Realist Training

There are several online user guides available on Realist.  Just click on Help when in Realist. For short video tutorials in Realist, go to the Realist Blog for some great short tutorials including the following:

GRAR occasionally offers onsite Realist classes. Find the schedule of upcoming courses here.

Have a question or need additional help?  Contact GRAR Member Services at 585-292-5000 or 800-292-7101.

Troubleshooting & Help Documents

The first time accessing, Realist may take a while to appear, depending on the internet connection speed.  This could take 30-60 seconds on slower DSL type connections or a WiFi connection being shared in an office.

If you access Realist and get a message saying you need to install Adobe Flash, that means it is not installed, needs updated or that it is incorrectly installed. In that case, check if Adobe Flash is installed and, if it is, uninstall and then reinstall it.

See the ‘Installing Flash Instruction Section’ for assistance.

Adobe Flash Player is Required for Realist Public Records

You will need to keep your player updated for best performance.  Realist will tell you when you try to access if Flash is installed (if it says it is not, but you know it is, you must uninstall and reinstall).

Upgrade Now  Note: We recommend that you un-check the “Include in your download” selection before downloading.