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What is Realist & How Do I Get There?

Realist logoThis public records service offers features such as advanced searching, mapping, and marketing analysis capabilities which give you the tools needed to help achieve your sales and marketing goals. Export real estate data for contact management applications, marketing lists and mailing labels.

To get there:

1. In Matrix, two ways:

a. From any listing detail report, click on the “TX“, “M“, or “N” icons up top.
TX = Realist Property Detail report
M = Realist Map
N = Neighborhood Report

b. From the top menu in Matrix, click on the Realist link.

2. From the Member Portal, click on the Realist icon

3. As of 3/2020, Realist is now mobile responsive so no app needed. Simply log into your member portal on your personal device and Realist will resize as appropriate.

Realist Training

There are several online user guides available on Realist.  Just click on Help when in Realist. For short video tutorials in Realist, try these Realist 2020 videos:

View Print These Guides:

Have a question or need additional help?  Contact AnswerLink M-F from 8:30am-8:30pm and Sat/Sun from 8:30am-3:30pm at 833-753-0536.

Troubleshooting & Help

Field Values You May Find in Realist:

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