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Below is a list of the current GRAR caucuses that a members may volunteer to join. Click on the appropriate button below for more details.

Caucus of Black REALTORS®

GRAR Black Caucus LogoMission Statement of the GRAR Black Caucus

 The GRAR Black Caucus is dedicated to advancing Black Leadership in Real Estate across the Greater Rochester Region. The Black Caucus provides a platform to support the success of Black REALTORS® at every stage of their career and actively recruits new members. The Caucus seeks to cultivate greater awareness of the historical and contemporary realities of structural racism that has led to significant disparities in housing. As co-creators of community, the Black Caucus promotes equitable opportunities in housing and economic development that lead to healthy and thriving neighborhoods.

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LGBTQ+ Advocacy Caucus

Mission Statement of the LGBTQ+ Advocacy Caucus

The GRAR LGBTQ+ Advocacy Caucus is dedicated to the support of LGBTQ+ Realtors® across the Greater Rochester Region. The LGBTQ+ Caucus provides a safe space, guidance, and mentorship for LGBTQ+ Realtors® and Allies and encourages community through engagement with new members. The Caucus seeks to educate and create awareness of LGBTQ+ rights and current disparities in housing and to act as an advocate for change to promote equitable opportunities.

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